Geotextile Sales

Henderson Construction Fabrics, Inc. stocks a full line of PennDOT approved geotextiles as well as many designed for private construction projects and home use.

As both a Distributor and Installer of Geotextiles since 1992; you can count on Henderson Construction Fabrics, Inc. to provide for all your Geotextile needs. 

We stock the following types of construction fabrics: 

  • Soil Stabilization Fabrics 
    • PennDOT Approved 
    • Commercial Grade 
      • Woven & Non Woven Polypropylene Fabrics 
  • Filter Fabrics 
  • Joint Treatment 
    • Asphalt Primer for Joint Treatment 
  • Bridge Deck Waterproofing Membranes 
    • Asphalt Primer for Bridge Decks 
    • Mastic for Bridge Decks 
  • GlasGrid
  • …And more. CONTACT us for a full list of materials and updated pricing. 
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